10 Best Vinyl Records To Collect

10 Best Vinyl Records To Collect

10 Best Vinyl Records To Collect

Vinyl is the best thing that you will collect if you are a music lover. Many of the people are still collecting vinyl and establishing their collection. Vinyl collection is the only thing that will never go out of style. Whenever you will showcase your collection to your friend or anybody other they will highly be impressed by the quality of your collection. To make your collection more beautiful, we have accumulated for you the 10 best vinyl that you should own right now.

1. Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

The Daft Punk’s Random Access Memory was released in the year 2013. The band was seeing very good success in that year after recording a soundtrack for a few movies. The band also got some very good reviews by the critics. This album is in collaboration with Pharrell Williams and Giorgio Moroder. The cover of the album consists of a robot head. The album was basically curated to pay tribute to the music of America in the year 1970 and early 1980. It took home the Grammy award for Best Dance/Electronic Album.

2. Michael Jackson – Thriller

One of the most popular albums and the album which is collected by every music enthusiast is Michael Jackson’s Thriller. There are two covers available for this album of Michael Jackson. You can buy any of the covers for the album that you want. This album was the sixth studio album by Michael Jackson and it was released on 30th November 1982. Every Michael Jackson fan must already have this album with him as his collection.

3. Miles Davis – Kind of Blue

Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue was recorded on 2nd March and 22nd April in the year 1959. It was recorded in New York City and was further released on 17th August in that same year by Columbia records. The genre of the album is modal jazz. The album also includes collaborations with John Coltrane and Cannonball Adderley. On the cover, you will find Miles Davis himself. He is seen playing the trumpet. The album is a perfect blend of Jazz, Rock and Classical music. While listening to this album, you will get a full experience of every type of music.

4. Dave Brubeck – Time Out

Time Out by Dave Brubeck was released in the year 1959 by Columbia records. It was also recorded in New York City. The genre of the album is jazz and it consists of proper composers of cool and West Coast jazz. The time when the album was released it was playing in a bunch of concerts around the globe. Time Out is quite essential for you to complete your vinyl collection and display it to your friends!

5. Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

The most unique band of all time is Pink Floyd and their album was also quite unique with a lot of different music styles from a lot of different musicians. It was the eighth studio album from the band and was released on 1st March 1973 by Harvest Records. The songs in the album were first sung in a live concert and then developed into an album. The album had a great style and was widely popular during its time. People were quite quick in buying the album and showcasing it in their collection!

6. Prince and the Revolution – Purple Rain

Prince’s Purple Rain is the sixth album by the band which was released on 25th June 1984. It was released by Warner Bros Records. The album had quite a lot of instrumental music with multiple layers of guitars, keyboards and other instruments. It was the most pop related music of the band’s career. Purple Rain is the second most successful album of the 80s besides Thriller. The album has a lot of hits in its bag.

7. The Beatles – Abbey Road

Apart from the music album, The Beatles’ Abbey Road is also quite famous for the cover of the album. The tracks of the album are quite interesting and very enjoyable. It was the eleventh studio album by the band. It was released on 26th September 1969 by Apple records. Fans of the bands must have already bought this album and kept it in their collection. It directly went up to number 1 when it was released in the year 1969.

8. Fleetwood Mac – Rumors

If you want to listen to great music with the lyrics which have great depth then you can definitely go for the Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors. The album was made by the band when it was going through a lot in terms of relationship with each other. It was the 11th studio album by the band. It was released on 4th February 1977 by Warner Bros Records. When the album was released the band relationships were going through hard rock and thus the lyrics of all the songs were quite emotional. The album was accepted very happily by the audiences.

9. Paul Simon – Graceland

Paul Simon’s Graceland will definitely give you a roller coaster ride through the issue of Apartheid. This album was the fight to bring South African music to the focus. The album also brought home the 1987 Grammy album of the year award. It was the seventh solo album published by Paul Simon. It was released on 25th August 1986 by Warner Bros Records. The album was a great story of how the South African people were struggling in those days.

10. Radiohead – Kid-A

Kid-A was the fourth studio album by Radiohead. The album was released on 2nd October 2000 by Parlophone. The album also won the Grammy for theBest Alternative Album. Honestly, it also deserved the award for Album Of The Year. However, it was nominated for this category of Album Of The Year. The album gives you a rollercoaster ride of Krautrock, Jazz and New Age Classical. The album consists of many genres and it is not only rock.

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