Aurum Cantus Melody M-103SE Review

Aurum Cantus Melody M-103SE Review

Aurum Cantus Melody M-103SE Review

One thing we all can agree on is that there is never a high price you can pay for something that you totally love. Now, there are a lot of audio enthusiasts around the world and we know that people spend thousands of dollars on audio equipment in order to get that quality sound.

This is the reason why we are introducing what we believe is one of the best speaker available in the market which is the AURUM Cantus Melody M-103 SE. While this speaker from AURUM is an entry-level floor-standing speaker, make no mistake that this is an extremely high-quality one at that.

The best part about the speaker is that not only does it sound extremely good, it also looks extremely great as well which adds to the overall experience. Today, we are going to share with you our review of this high-quality speaker from the house of AURUM and whether or not this speaker is worth investing on or not.


We have already mentioned that this speaker from AURUM oozes confidence and speaks of premiumness right at first glance.  Adding further to the design of this speaker, it is absolutely well built and as you would expect, it has a wooden build along with a Cherry finish on top of it.

The main woofer of this speaker is right at the front and it is absolutely great while there is an additional pure aluminium tweeter above the woofer which not only adds to the sound quality but also the design as well.

It is also worth mentioning that the design of this speaker is not only for aesthetic purpose but it also helps in sound quality. Because the speaker has a unique truncated design which helps minimize the internal reflections as much as possible.

Along with that, the speaker is built to last for decades and there are spike feet at the bottom along with protective carpet cups.


As far as features of this speaker are concerned, the list goes on and on. First of all, the unique 2-way vented enclosure design of this speaker is a feature in itself. Along with that, you get a frequency response of 35Hz to 40kHz which is absolutely awesome considering the size of this speaker is not massive.

This speaker can get as loud as 89dB which is close to the decibel volume that you face when stuck in a traffic jam or a concert. These speakers are fairly light as well considering that each speaker has a weight of 26 kilograms which means that you can easily shift them from one place to another without any external help.


Coming to the performance part of this speaker’s review, we can say without a doubt that this speaker will give you a 10/10 performance.

As they say, music should be heard with the best of equipment to feel every beat and appreciate the quality of the musician and this speaker will ensure you of the same. You will hear the minutest of details inside a song and you will wonder how you missed them from such a long time.

Another part of the performance aspect of this speaker is the surround sound effect with them and you will not notice that the sound is coming from relatively small speakers because it will feel like a 7.1 channel and almost give you a multiplex-like experience right in your living room.

It is also to be noted that the speakers are best suitable for small to mid-sized rooms for the best experience and it is recommended to have them in a pair of two.

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